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21-11-1710 The Dublin Intelligence (Ireland). “The Council at Stockholm have sent General Meyerfelt to their King at Bender, to requst his Return home,”

06-12-1720 Caledonian Mercury (Scotland). “Count Meyerfelt, who is made Governour of Swedish Pomerania, is preparing to set out thither with a good Body of Forces, to observe the Motions of the Muscovites.”

12-06-1740 The Stamford Mercury (England). “The Mistrust which begins to encrease between the Courts of Denmark and Sweden is now no longer to be doubted, the latter having sent General Meyerfeldt into Scania, to visit all the strong Places in that Province, and to give the necessary Orders for repairing those that shall find it in the least to want it.”

25-09-1761 The General Evening. Brief uit Boldekow, Zweeds-Pommeren, 8 september: Kolonel Meyerfeld is in Friedland.

09-1789 The Gentlemen’s Magazine. Hägfors

01-06-1902 The San Francisco Call. Jesse Meyerfeld of the firm of Lebenbaum & Co

03-05-1908 The San Francisco Call. Morris Meyerfeld: Dreamer & Doer

06-01-1912 Goodwin’s Weekly (Salt Lake City). Meyerfeld denies Orpheum probe

23-07-1913 The San Francisco Call. German exhibit in great display will be a credit

12-05-1915 New Ulm Post. Meyerfeld – Rosenstein: Wie man’s nimmt.

22-03-1919 The South Bend News-Times. A.R. Mayerfeld purchases Newman Speciality Shop

17-07-1921 The South Bend News-Times. A One Hunderd Percent Boy